Terms & Conditions

* Use of the term MLS an acronym for Multiple Listing Service does not imply that we are a MLS but instead a service provider that helps you list your property with us so that we in turn can get you listed in the MLS. Similarly, List For Sale or For Rent By Owner denotes that you the owner fills out forms to list your property. It does not imply that you as a layperson will be granted direct computer access to the Multiple Listing Service yourself. Only a licensed broker and member of the MLS can access the Multiple Listing Service. All commissions are negotiable by law.

1 Realtor.Com and some of the other sites we offer limit their inventory to residential properties only. If listing a commercial property, it typically will not appear on Realtor.Com and some of the other sites. Also, residential properties with 5 or more units are typically classified by MLSs as commercial properties because they appeal to investors. Some MLSs send vacant land and rentals to Realtor.Com and various sites and other MLSs do not. Additionally, some 3rd party sites limit exposure to particular types of property; for example waterfront properties only. We do not have any control over what categories the MLS chooses to omit from its feed or what categories any of the sites (both Realtor.com and all other sites) choose to omit in their display even if they receive it in the feed from MLS, etc. Also, MLSs, Realtor.Com and/or other Syndicators we utilize will occasionally terminate or alter their relationships with sites they feed to. Your listing should be available on all of the sites listed above throughout the course of the listing, however sometimes a send/receive relationship will terminate mid-listing. Also, a send/receive relationship may have been terminated before you sign up. We immediately update the site when we are made aware and can verify that the relationship was terminated but we don't always get notice and given the hundreds of sites we feed to, we cannot easily monitor all terminations. We encourage our clients to take one of our listings and check the sites he/she wants to be on in advance. Should a syndication cease in the middle of a listing for reasons beyond our control, it shall not be a breach of the services or a misrepresentation of services. Should a syndication no longer be available at time of listing but we were unaware that said syndication was terminated or recently made aware but did not have reasonable time to verify and get the website edited, it shall not be considered a breach of services or misrepresentation of the offering. Also, new syndications and other offerings added to our services after listing may not always be added to existing clients. Requests to add syndications that a new client would get with the same package will be entertained if fiscally reasonable and not too labor intensive. Brokerage shall not be required to re-establish any display that was terminated if an additional expense is involved to re-establish it. ReMax, Prudential, Coldwell Banker and many of the sites listed above pull inventory from an MLS feed called IDX. In some cases they do not publish the entire IDX feed. We will try to investigate irregularities in the feed and/or display but cannot guarantee that third party sites will always correct the problem. Any sites listed are typically registered trademarks of the site holder and we make no representation that we have ownership in any of these sites. You may withdraw your listing at any time subject to the terms in our listing agreement which you will be presented with before purchasing the service. However, a withdrawal is processed like any other change in a queue from which we draw in the order received. It may take up to three business days to process. You will also be required to fax in a withdrawal form provided in your client area. There is no fee to withdraw on any of the packages unless you have elected to take our full service add-on where terms of cancellation will be spelled out in the listing agreement. You many not withdraw while an offer is in progress or the property is under contract. All commissions are negotiable. Consequently, we must entertain dialog requesting alternative commissions. The packages above are service offerings which permit the client to set the buyer's broker's commission him/herself provided the client selects and accepts the terms of the offering. However, with these programs, a minimum commission of 1% of the sale price or for rental listings, 1% of the gross annual rent must be offered. If the commission is a flat dollar amount, 1% of the asking price for sale or 1% of the annual asking rent on rental listings must be offered. A Competitive Commission is always recommended. If a client wishes to negotiate a different package of services, client may contact the brokerage and make such a request but the brokerage is not required to accept terms it finds unfavorable. Any sales or promotions may not be applied retroactively. Extensions must be fully processed (not just ordered but form must be faxed in, etc.) 3 business days prior to expiration. This footnote as well as the content on this website are brief explanations of what is contained in the listing agreement. In case of any inconsistency, the language contained in the listing agreement shall supersede the website. When requesting that we beat a competitor's price, competitors must have an identical offering and you must make the request that we beat their price before you order. We will beat any competitors price and/or features. 2 You may cancel your listing prior to expiration as outlined in the listing agreement. None of the packages have an early termination fee except the Supreme Package. The Supreme Package is a full service package sold at a discount predicated on what we believe is a good chance we will earn a half percent of the sale price when it closes. However when a client terminates early, we lose that opportunity and a $250 early termination fee applies on the Supreme Package only. The early termination fee would not apply should the listing sell or expire unsold. Full Service package may be rejected at Broker's discretion on properties under $200,000.